Flosstube: Embroidery and Community

To be honest, I spend quite a lot of time on YouTube. Perhaps I’m too old to really get into Instagram, and I’m a little afraid of TikTok. -If I start watching TikTok, maybe I won’t be able to stop and tear myself away, and then the household chores might not get done! 😂 Maybe you can relate.

I like to have YouTube running in the background for an hour or so while I work from home or when I’m preparing a new cross-stitch pattern. It might be a video on how to embroider a really large cross-stitch piece or how to crochet a basket (to store yarn scraps, of course!).

When you have a hobby that you truly enjoy, it’s nice to see content from others who share the same passion! Whether it’s a company in the USA selling fabrics or a girl from Spain embroidering miniature paintings for dollhouses.

This is where Flosstube comes in. This fun phenomenon spreads the love for embroidery and provides people all over the world with a platform to share their ideas, patterns, and experiences.

What is Flosstube?

Flosstube is a term coined on YouTube, where people share their latest projects, techniques, tips, and tricks through video posts. The name comes from the combination of the English word “floss,” referring to the embroidery thread used in cross-stitch, and “tube,” which is a popular abbreviation for YouTube.

Flosstube is a wonderful example of how digital platforms can bring people together around common interests. One could say that Flosstube is simply an embroidery network; a digital, global sewing circle. And not least, it is a positive and safe space, without all the unhealthy unpleasant content that can be found on other platforms like Twitter (X?).

Why is it so popular?

Why is it so popular? It’s simple – the community! Flosstube has created a global embroidery community that not only shares knowledge but also encourages, inspires, and supports each other. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced stitcher, Flosstube offers us a place to learn and grow together.

What are Flosstube videos about?

Everything from tutorials on how to make French knots to stitch-a-longs and discussions on the best way to organize your fabric and yarn. Flosstube videos offer a wide range of content, and you can use the search function on YouTube to find a topic you want to learn more about.

Who knows, you might discover a new pattern you want to embroider or find new inspiration from an unexpected source. Many creators also share their ongoing projects, talk about completed patterns, review different embroidery patterns and products, and discuss various techniques.

How can I start?

Go to YouTube.com and type “Flosstube” in the search bar. Videos are often displayed in chronological order, with the newest video first. Like, comment, and subscribe to Flosstube channels you enjoy on YouTube and become an active part of the community.

Many channels release new “episodes” once a month, some even more frequently. Creators label their videos with numbers that increase with each recorded video: So if the video has a low number, you’ll know the person is new to Flosstube, and if it’s a high number, you’ll know that the person or group has recorded many episodes.

Recommended Flosstube channels: