Hi there, stitching friend!

My name is Carolina Nymark, and I design and chart the patterns that are available in the store.

I have an interest in embroidery and textile history, upcycling, and reproducing classic patterns. I enjoy rediscovering older patterns and sharing them with others, as well as recreating non-textile arts and crafts in the form of embroidery. This can include an old wood carving, a painting, or why not a runestone?

For me, both pattern creation and embroidery are all about mindfulness. It’s about taking time for myself and relaxing but focusing on a task that is soothing and calming.

I mostly do cross-stitch, but I want to challenge myself to try different materials, stitches, and methods. I plan to learn more about wool embroidery.

I run the store as part of my own business, where my main occupation is as a consultant in web development. If you are curious about what I am stitching on right now, I will write about it on my blog.